About Me

I have always considered myself a creative. Growing up, I was constantly in the process of making something. From designs and drawings on paper to duck tape wallets and lesson plans for my stuffed animals, I think it is safe to say that even little Jamie was preparing for a career in the field of communication arts. 

More About Me:

I graduated from North Central University (Minneapolis, MN) in May, 2023 with a BS in Communication Arts and Business, a Christian Studies minor and certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language (I know, quite the mouthful). 

Basically, I believe communication is an art and am fascinated by the many forms it takes. Which, is why I have spent the last few years of my life studying it in the forms of: Media, Design, Marketing, Advertising, & Language.

Quick Facts:

Favorite Drink: Coke (from Mcdonalds)

Favorite Snack: White Cheddar Popcorn

Favorite Music: Literally anything 

Favorite Show: New Girl  

Interesting Skills: I speak a moderate amount of Spanish, I love singing, acting and dancing, I play the guitar, and I can touch my nose with my tongue

About My Work:

There is one thing in this life that will simply never, ever go away: Communication

As humans, we are meant to constantly be exchanging thoughts, ideas, concerns, encouragement, and love. It's how the world goes round! 

At least, when it's done well. 

Unfortunately, when it's not done well, the art of communication can change into a tool that leads to confusion and chaos- which, I think we can all agree, we don't need more of in this world. 

Although I am by no means a perfect communicator, I think big things happen when effective and creative communication happens.